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re: 2/16/3302 – TLATC VP Comments on Controversial Deal


By Narek Mehrab

Burke Port, Deneb Algedi (DAN) - The mounting pressure by the Press and the ongoing protest at the TL Armoured Transport Company’s headquarters has prompted a response by TLATC VP Ragnborg Buchs. In a short press conference Buchs made the following statement.

“I am disheartened by the fact that I even have to address these preposterous claims. TL Amoured Transport Company has an outstanding record of transparency in regards to our governance and our business practices. Our deal with Daurtu Jet Comms PLC was no different than any other deal that we have made with independent factions in the past, or the thousands of deals that Federation Corporations make with relatively unknown Independent factions throughout inhabited space. We performed our due diligence, drew up the proper contracts, and made our trade. It’s as simple as that. The details of this trade were made known to the Board of Directors, and would have been made public in the release of our monthly financial reports as usual for these types of deals. For the benefit of those few loud voices desiring that information now, I will oblige them with the details. 

While participating in the Federal effort to locate wreckage for Starship One, we were offered a meeting with Daurtu Jet Comms. I decided to see what they had to say. I met with one of their officials and we had a very productive meeting. He allayed any concerns I had and was able to demonstrate to me that they had the means, technical ability, and motivation to contribute positively to the search. Being that the goal of getting answers for the destruction of Starship One is one very important to me personally, I decided that more hands would make the task easier. I agreed to sell them some of the data we collected during the federal search as well as some wreckage that was still in our possession. None of this data was secret. We were under no orders by the Federation to limit access to this information. And the rights to that information was 100% proprietary to TL Armoured Transport Company. This was also quite a lucrative deal for us in that it brought in an additional 1.5M credits or roughly a 25% increase in the total profit made during our participation in the search. This deal was not only in the interest of improving the outcome of the search, but also in interest of TLATC and ultimately the interest of the citizens of Deneb Algedi. For those that are still not convinced, when our monthly financial reports are released, we will share the full details of the contract as well as the due diligence report compiled for Daurtu Jet Comms PLC. We found no reason to suspect their motive was anything other than finding answers and found no reason to reject them as a business partner. Thank you“
A few questions were taken from the attending press before the conference was ended, but no new information was added. The statement seemed to ease some of the speculation around Burke Port, but the Justice Party was not convinced. Justice Party leader Kyrillos Quinton released a response video from his office at the party headquarters located at Hunt Installation, on the planet  A 7, within minutes of Buchs leaving the podium.  Quinton went immediately on the attack calling TLATC honesty into question, saying in part “Of course, that’s what they want you think. They wouldn’t come right out and say they were selling top secret information to the President’s assassins”.

The lack of information about Daurtu Jet Comms PLC has allowed these theories to linger. At this time no announcement was ever made by Daurtu Jet Comms PLC explaining their interest in the search for Starship One. TLATC as well as many other entities that dealt with them during the search have stated that they were told their search was purely to get answers. Whether or not this is true, it seems they were at least convincing, as many organizations seem to have believed them. If it ever was determined Daurtu Jet Comms PLC had ulterior motives, regardless of TL Armoured Transport Company’s intent in this deal, people’s confidence in the ruling corporation could be damaged.

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