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Don Alvarez
Director of Fleet Operations

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re: 1/28/3302 - Fleet Operations Report

Burke Port - 1/28/3302
From the Desk of Don Alvarez, Fleet Ops:

Barnacles having been found, I've paid my respects to them and have resumed my duties at Burke Port as director of Fleet Ops.

Operations Report
The current situation in Deneb is currently one of peace, though there is an election forced between the LFT1 Confederacy and one of the independent factions, it is really no concern of ours. Opportunities still exist through for enterprising commanders. TLATC continues to enjoy a Boom economy thanks to our mining concerns and we continue to offer solid trading opportunities on the bulletin board. I believe that it also may be time to try and push our Company to expand into other systems. With some effort, we can achieve the 75% influence required to make this happen.
Outside of Deneb Algedi, Federation concerns are currently at war with the Imperialist dogs in nearby Wolf 906. They apparently mean business, as they have brought a capital ship with them. As this is a popular outfitting spot for all our pilots, I'd hate to see this system drop into the hands of the Empire. In the common interest, I'd like to see our pilots lend a hand over there.
Community Goal Report
Further out in Brestla, Roed Odegaard Port (this is a planetary station) has called for Industrial Materials in a community goal. This could be a profitable CG to dust off your traders and take part in.  Also, Duarta and Azaleach are both sponsoring community goals to find the wreckage of our late President Jasmina Halsey's Ill fated Starship One. I'd monitor these for a few days before taking part. All current running community goals end February 4th.
Lastly, TLATC Security has asked me to pass on a memo to be vigilant in your travels of the local news bulletins. Strange reports have surfaced regarding Compromised Carrier Signals. These reports may lead to interesting discoveries and unknown dangers. Above all be cautious, and keep checking the local system news wherever you go for these reports.
Fly safe commanders.
Lieutenant Don Alvarez
Director of Fleet Operations
TL Armoured Transport Company

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