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Don Alvarez
Director of Fleet Operations

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re: 12/14/3302 - Fleet Operations


Aguirre Terminal, LHS 3776 – 12/14/3302 

From the Desk of Don Alvarez, Fleet Ops:

 Operations Report

Operation "Dumbo Dump" is slowly coming together, though by this point we've blown every rational deadline. Its been a long, arduous campaign and we've met some pretty stiff resistance. 

The last phase has been a success. Right now LFT 1 has seized both Outposts in Deneb Algedi as pplanned, and we have taken Blackman Landing and Thompson Silo in LHS 3776. Starting today, "Dumbo Dump" continues with teh following adjustments to existing operation parameters:


- ALL FLEET OPERATIONS IN DENEB ALGEDI ARE HEREBY SUSPENDED, unless a direct thread is mounted either to TLATC or the LFT1 Confederacy. All station ownership should be defended and the political situation should remain as-is. 

- THE BATTLE FOR LHS 3776 IS NOW TOP PRIORITY. We are coming out of the unexpected elections with a large lead over the Purple Transport group and are entering a boom state in the system. Now is the time to make the final push for the system. We may not get another opportunity like this for a while so we need to make the most of it. We need a maximum effort to get us over the top here so we can claim the system.

 Community Goal Report

As usual, community goal efforts for the time being are still suspended, excepting CG's where effort/reward makes them a desirable endeavor.  


Congratulations to our very own VP of Interstelar Commerce, Commander Buchs, on his promotion to command of the fleet's newest Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda and transfer to the Heavy Assault Wing!

 Don Alvarez
Director of Fleet Operations
TL Armoured Transport Company

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