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Don Alvarez
Director of Fleet Operations

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re: 4/21/3303 - Fleet Operations


Aquirre Terminal, LHS 3776 – 4/21/3303 

From the Desk of Don Alvarez, Fleet Ops: 

Operations Report 

We are, until further notice, still doing business under the auspices of the Burke Accords. CEO Kilrain does not want to hear any more complaints about this, and wishes to remind everyone in the Trade, Extraction  and Security fleets that while the accords are in effect our partner factions will enjoy our cooperation and protection. Anyone who has an issue with this will be reassigned to Logistics in Awindjibata and we'll see how you like grumbling from there.

Congratulations are in order to Tac Ops for pulling off the recent expansion into RBS 1843. That was a goal we had been planning for a bit further down the road, but you guys seized the initiative and really surprised us with that one. Drinks all around.  Now comes  the cleanup effort. While it was a opportunity too good to pas up, it did cost us alot of capital and resources to pull off. We need Logistics to step up their game now because you guys have been struggling mightily in Awindijibata and now we are adding RBS 1843 to your purview. CEO Kilrain wants both these systems locked up, and soon. As such, he has appointed me direct authority over acquisitions in these two systems. VP Simon Fisher will have control of operations in Deneb and LHS 3776 while I am overseeing the takeover.  

Community Goal Report

TL Armoured Transport has shut down all community goal participation at this time. Acquisition in Awindjibata and RBS 1843 has full priority, in that order.  


As reward for their awesome work, the Santissima Trinidad has been assigned to Tac Ops. This is the first Federal Corvette the company will be operating outside the Security Fleet. You guys earned it.

Also, effective immediately the Federal Navy has seen fit to advance me to Rear Admiral with seniority retroactive to April 11

Don Alvarez, Rear Admiral
Director of Fleet Operations
TL Armoured Transport Company

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